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Hiya Sweets :)
I'm Kaitlin, owner and creator of Clayful Characters and I am so glad you're here! I began playing with clay as a date night activity for me and my boyfriend during COVID. Interestingly enough some of the first things I made were miniature food items- I love food, y'all! I then saw a Buzzfeed article about a clay maker who made earrings and my curiosity was peaked! I made my first pair of earrings in November 2020 and started gifting them to friends for birthdays, celebratory gifts, etc. My business journey officially began in January 2021 and for whatever reason the universe has conspired to keep this baby running. 
I work out of the second bedroom of my apartment in Astoria, Queens which is the best dang neighborhood in... the world? Yes, the world! Community is one of the core tenants of my business and I sure am grateful to live in such a beautiful one. 
My hope for everything I do, is to inspire women to recognize their potential and to own their narrative.
Be the main character of your life and take up space! 
Fun Facts About Me:
• I have my degree in theatre and also work as a film writer and director. I love writing and working on women-centric stories.
• I'm originally from Virginia and love me some southern hospitality, sayin' "y'all",  and of course sweet tea.
• Sex Education on Netflix is my favorite show in a very long time.
• I thoroughly enjoy cooking from a cookbook, especially a cuisine I've never had before or a twist on a classic (like vegan "fried chicken and waffles"- trust me, it's bangin').